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Insulation collectors, air pipelines, gas pipelines, ventilation pipes, etc.


Specialists of the company «Promteplozakhist» will help you to find the best way of solving your problems: optimal methods and materials for thermal insulation of pipes and perform all the necessary work. If you need some advice or consultations on the choice of the heat insulation materials, ordering and purchasing of products, you should phone to our office.


We need that surrounding conditions will have the least impact on collector and distribution systems.


Thermal insulation of air pipelines and gas pipelines is needed to prevent condensation on the inner and outer surfaces of the pipes, provides fire resistance and prevents the spread of fire, and also reduces the heat transfer between the air flow in the pipes and the external environment.


We recommend using insulating slabs for thermal insulation of air pipelines and gas pipelines. Installation of thermal insulation can be realized by pintles (welds or plug-in) and tires (or wire rings).


The most important to keep the necessary temperature of water in the insulation of pipes water delivery system. Hot water should not be cooled in cold time of the year, and the cold water should be heat up in the warm time of the year. Thermal insulation is especially important for pipes with a small diameter and with a weak watercourse.


Heat insulation of heating system pipes provides delivery the heat directly to radiators (heating radiators, heat floor), while minimizing the lost and preventing heating walls and technical intervals.


If a boiler heats a few buildings, thermal insulation for street pipes (underground) lines will be essential. Thermal insulation is especially important for very old heating system.


Thus, the thermal insulation to any systems (water supply, heating, collectors, etc.) help to significantly reduce energy. Our company «Promteplozakhist» performs all insulation works in accordance with the requirements of construction norms and rules, safety rules and fire safety. During more than 3 years of good work on the private and industrial buildings of Kiev, we have accumulated huge experience in the area of production of heat-insulating works, which is confirmed by the recommendations of our clients.