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Thermal Insulation of the Reservoirs.


Company «Promteplozakhist» offers thermo-insulation services for reservoirs, tanks, warehouses, walls, shops, hangars, furnaces and other equipment. Also we make the calculation of the insulation thickness and help the customer to select materials for thermal insulation.


Insulation of reservoirs is the main factor of their functionality. There temperature must be stability for safety of production processes. Tanks insulation must has a coating thickness of 50-100 mm, if necessary, up to 200 mm insulating mats (basalt wool), with the zinced sheet.


Our company uses only insulation materials, which are certified in Ukraine and meet certain specifications.


Company’s specialists use the following materials for thermal insulation of reservoirs:


  • basalt slabs or mats, mineral wool, glass fiber;
  • foam slab;
  • rubber and polyurethane foam slab;
  • spraying and cover with polyurethane foam;
  • spraying and cover with phenol formaldehyde resin foam;
  • plastering with insulate mastics;
  • combination of several heat-insulating materials (insulation sandwich).


Thermal insulation of the reservoirs can be executed with application of special polyurethane coating. Polyurethane foam is one of the most widely used polymer material, it has been used in all industries. It has great possibilities. Polyurethane foam products can be obtained in different ways: with the use of machines of high and low pressure, cover settings, and also, in its simplest method manual fill using electro-mechanical mixer.


Protective materials, which apply in thermal insulation:


  • rolled materials (ruberoid, foiled film, foiled fiberglass, fiberglass, glassed polyurethane foam);
  • galvanized insulation-box, repoussage or stainless box;
  • galvanized steel or repoussage sheets.


All these materials are used by experts of the «Promteplozakhist», who will give the necessary recommendations on the optimal use of each.