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The Thermal Insulation of Boilers.


Company «Promteplozakhist» offers an effective thermal protection of boilers, modular boilers, heat points and steam pipelines. If you address to our company you can be sure in the quality and timeliness of work performance, but it can also has in mind a flexible system of discounts and an individual approach to your project. Building and construction companies collides with many problems when getting an order on insulation of boilers and other technical areas.


What materials are used for insulation of boilers? What insulation for high temperature walls will be better?


Skilled specialists of our production will answer all these questions. Firstly, you should decide what type of heating system you need to insulate. They may be steam boiler, microwave or industrial boilers. Then you must to take in mind the temperature on the surface of these installations. From this follows, what high of temperatures heat-insulation material can withstand. Basalt heater from super-thin fiber may be in this keys, because of it does not contain formaldehyde resins and it can withstand up to 1000 degrees Celsius. The disadvantage of this material is the double price.


If we talking about industrial boilers, usually, they do not need insulating measures, their producers have already taken care of increasing efficiency and all they warming and additional guards.


The Thermal Insulation of Pipes and Heat Communications. Temperature of the pipe is main choice of insulating various, when the pipes are in industrial premises. If the temperature of the pipe is larger than the ambient temperature of 70 degrees and more, the use of extrusion and polyfoam is impossible because of their small working range.


Basalt heater is best for insulation of pipes. For the most quality insulation should take advantage of specially developed for these purposes basalt cylinders (segments), which not only simplify installation of the thermal insulation of pipes, but also has better thermal insulation performance.


Company «Promteplozakhist» will provide the thermal insulation of the boiler-houses of any type and execute the work in time, qualitatively and observing all the rules and standards of construction.