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Armature and flanged connections.

Insulation Fittings and Flanges of Pipelines.


Company «Promteplozakhist» offers thermal insulation of fittings and pipeline flanges and other pipeline complex. Our experts use materials and methods of insulation, which optimally meet all the standards and safety regulations. Private houses and industrial objects are economic efficient and their functional criteria on increase.


The main regulations of thermal pipes insulation.


Cylinders and mats are used for isolation of armature and flanged connections. Choice is depend on the materials of pipeline thermal insulation. It can be super-thin basalt fiber, mineral basalt or fiber glass. Slabs do not use for isolation of armature and flanged connections.


Our company uses different types of materials, which are depended of insulated surface temperature for isolation of armature and flanged pipeline joins.

Metal removable cover is installed below mats. They can be performed locks or on the top.


We recommend using cylinders as a heat insulation layer for armature and flanged connections, which diameter is not bigger than the diameter of the heat-insulating construction. Thermal insulation of pipelines and armature must be in good condition. If the surrounding temperature is 25 degrees Celsius, the temperature on pipeline surface shouldn’t be more than 45 degrees Celsius.


Thermal insulation of flanges, armature and pipeline sections (welds, lugs etc.) should be removed.


Thermal insulation of outdoors pipelines and which are located near oil tanks must have metal coating to protect it from soaking moisture or flammable petroleum products. Pipelines, which are located near the cable-lines, must also have a metal coating.


Objects with temperature below surrounding temperature should be protected from corrosion, have hydro - and thermal insulation. Non corrosion materials should be applied for thermal insulation.