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Modular boiler

The Thermal Insulation of Modular Boilers.


Company « Promteplozakhist» is existent for more than 3 years. It offers a thermal protection of pipelines of modular type. Our skilled staff offer a complex solution of problems of heat and energy saving for the building companies and business. Our company, which works on the market of energy-saving work and thermal insulation, has a reputation of a responsible and reliable partner.


What measures of heat-insulating materials should be considered in insulation?


Our company uses only insulation materials, which are certified in Ukraine and meet certain specifications. They include:


  • low coefficient of thermal conductivity;
  • porosity, which starts from 50% and go to 90 ... 98% (for example, of porous plastics); attention: arrangement of air bubbles in the material and their character;
  • density: than larger it is, the least material takes place;
  • humidity: insulation material must not contain a large number;
  • indicators of fire safety - combustibility, inflammability, spreading of flame on some surface, smoke-forming ability and toxicity of combustion products;
  • heat capacity is important in conditions of frequent heat changes;
  • and many others, such as durability, frost resistance, biostability.


What materials are used for insulation of pipelines?


  • K-Flex - modern heat-insulating material is produced in Italy. It is made from foamed synthetic rubber and has all the necessary certificates, which are confirming the best quality.
  • Termaflex – is made from foamed polyethylene and has a guarantee of 100 years with proper implementation of operating conditions.
  • Penofol – is a new generation of insulation possesses, which has unique insulating capabilities with minimal thickness. Product is absolutely ecologically clean, no harmful gases.
  • ROCKWOOL – is made of stone mineral wool. This insulation is absolutely uncombustible. It saves valuable energy and will serve you about 100 years.
  • ISOVER – is insulating material, which is produced in France and is made of fiberglass. ISOVER materials are produced in slabs and are intended for application in the civil and private constructions, industrial companies and transport constructions.
  • Polyurethane foam – is lightweight insulating material, which has unique characteristics: low coefficient of thermal conductivity, low density (40 to 50 kg/m3), high adhesion strength. It is no need in the fixing elements and has ability of isolate structures of some configurations and sizes.
  • Parok. Stone basalt wool PAROC has many unique properties, according to successfully apply in various building systems. It has high fire-prevention performance and very low thermal conductivity. The main positive features are relatively low cost and absolutely safety for human life.


Insulation is covered by:


  • sheets of galvanized steel;
  • stainless food steel, where is aggressive environment;
  • stainless technical steel, where is no any aggressive environment;
  • sheets of aluminum alloys, which is produced for isolation.


All these materials are used by our experts, who will give the necessary recommendations on the optimal use of each.