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The building company «Promteplozakhist» works on the market of energy-saving works and has a reputation of a responsible and reliable partner more than 3 years. The main direction of our activity is the development and installation of systems of the thermal insulation of pipelines and steam transfer piping, boiler-room and central heating systems, heat points and conventional boilers.


In the modern construction world the most attention is paid exactly to the energy saving works, which are conducted according to the highest requirements of cost-reduction and saved building materials. The necessary construction norms and rules are need to observe, as well as safety regulations and fire safety. Our employees have all the necessary knowledge, skills and experience of modern methods in thermal insulation and technological processes.


Specific features and advantages of the thermal insulation are set out below.


  1. Buildings, industrial heat plants or separate units will be protected from unwanted heat exchange with the environment.

  2. Heating energy of residential and industrial buildings will be saved.

  3. Heat of the premises and communication facilities escape will be reduced.

  4. Guarantee is against instability to the air temperature in the premises during the day in large fluctuations in its environment.

  5. The comfort indoors will be improved.


The insulation works is always a problem and headache for manufactures heads and directors. But the allocation of budgets for the thermal insulation is a necessary step for further functioning and reliability of all systems of communications and buildings as a whole.


We understand the priorities of our customers and our choice of materials for thermal insulation including sense and construction standards, we offer various solutions to your needs and abilities to weatherization and insulation of pipes, pipelines and equipment.


Heat-insulating materials should have a low thermal conductivity, a high porosity and a low specific volume. In our company we use only those materials, which are certified in Ukraine.


Company «Promteplozakhist» is a reliable partner in buildings and the solution of tasks for provision of quality services of thermal insulation. Our company constantly develops, constantly analyzes the market and competitors, it gives us the opportunity, despite the short time of its existence. The company occupies leading positions in the area of heat insulation.